Service & Event Cancellation Procedure:


A common reason for a service cancellation is because of bad weather.

In the case of a cancellation here's what you should do.

FIRST: You should call the church (715) 235-4977 and listen to the answering machine message which will let you know if the services are still happening or not.

         The best time to call is the morning of the service.


SECOND: You could look for an email or text about cancellations.


THIRD: Once you learn that services are cancelled, you might take the opportunity to call anyone you know who may not think to check for closings to let them know that Church is cancelled.

    Note: As a general rule, we will typically call off weekday services and events based upon Menomonie school closings (check here). At times this works but certainly there are times that this will not affect what we are doing.

     Also, if the event is fellowship Ministry-based, call the leaders of that ministry for the final word. Most often, if a weekday event is in question, the Fellowship Ministry leaders will be either emailing you or calling you - but the responsibility is yours to find out.


     Above all, we prefer that no one be put in danger. If no contact is possible, please use your best judgment.