The School of Discipleship:

Teacher: Pastor Tom Karl


   This school is for those who are actively serving the Lord in our fellowship community and have committed to regular attendance to bible studies and church activities with a desire to see what future God has designed for them. The purpose of this class is to train up solid servants and ministry assistants for the church. It is training for a life of discipleship.


The school:

• Meets every week for a lecture-style class that includes: homework, books, audio lessons and more.

• Requires a regular weekly service position within Jesus Fellowship

• Offers the opportunity to get on track with God's call for your life.


This class requires and application to get in. Applications are available year-round but, depending on the circumstances, may require completion of the School of Believers first before acceptance. The class meets Sunday mornings in the Coffeehouse. If you are interested, please speak with your fellowship ministry leader. Brochures are available as well.