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               Pastor’s Notes -by Pastor Tim Dodson 4
               Music on the Hill Photos  6-7

               OneLife Retreat Photos 8-9

               Coffeehouse and Gnosko Ministry Updates 10-11

               Shofar Missionary Update  12

               Various Photos  12-13

               Music on the Hill Photos  14-15

               October Calendar 16-17

               JFBelievers: Duluth Church Update  18-21

               JFBelievers: River Falls Outreach  22-23

               ARTICLE: The Lost art of Commitment 24-25

               Homeschool Group Photos 25

               Recommended Media & Books   26-27

               Street Level Retreat Photos  30-31

               ARTICLE: Entitlement will Rob you of Rest 30-31

              We believe the Bible when it expresses the call of the believer to serve God in the local church. Since
            this is essential to our walk with God, we would like to make known the positions that are available to
                                              you in the fellowship community:

            VIDEO MINISTRY - We are looking for help in the video ministry to help with our work to get videos
            of our services prepared for CW television. –See Erik Pederstuen for details.

            WORD ON THE STREET - These servants work together to produce a quarterly college magazine
            contributing  articles  and  materials  that  could  be  used  in  all  branches  of  our  Street  Level  reach
            (Stout, Superior, River Falls, Cebu City). -See Susie Lepro for more info.

            RADIO MINISTRY - A group of people who work together to provide great college programming
            on 101.7fm. See Carrie O’Gara for info on how to get involved.

             To join one of our service opportunities, please consult your fellowship ministry leader for advice
            and referral. If you are not involved in a fellowship ministry, we offer several groups to help you find
                                                 a place in our community.

                         See the JFB Central Desk after a service for information...                                   3
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