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who  love  God…”  “for  those  who  are  called  according  to  his     Both Simons “believed”… one was in love and seeking to be

         purpose…” As I began to explain earlier, the two people doing  with  Jesus  and  the  other  wanted  to  buy  the  power.  One  was
         the same thing in the church but on two different paths is the  told to leave his nets and go feed the sheep, and the other to
         difference between the one who loves himself and the one who  repent of this wickedness of his heart, and to pray to the Lord
         loves God. It’s the difference between the one who is seeking to  that, if possible, the intent of his heart may be forgiven him. You
         save himself from danger by using God and the church, versus  DO what you ARE.
         the one who seeks God’s will and purpose to play out on earth          Which Simon are you?
         as  it  is  in  heaven.  It’s  the  one  who  wants  the  things  of  God
         versus the one who wants God. It’s the one who wants God to
         better  his  situation  versus  the  one  who  wants  to  abandon
         himself for God know nothing good dwells inside himself. I will
         give you this, old habits are hard to break. Sometimes we’re so
         entrenched  in  old  behaviors  that  we  can’t  seem  to  stop
         pursuing  the  wrong  thing  first.  But  remember  you  have  been
         equipped; “given all things that pertain to life and godliness”.
            For a man named Simon, in Acts chapter 8, there is room
         for doubt as to where he ended up with Christ. If you look in the
         passage, it says Simon the Magician believed and wanted God’s
         power. Oddly enough, he was amazed by the effects of the Holy
         Spirit shown in the first Simon… Peter, fisherman, whom once
         uttered  the  words  to  Jesus,  “Lord,  to  whom  shall  we  go?  You
         have the words of eternal life” (John 6:68).

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