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enter  heaven  without  holiness,  what  would  you  do  there?   like  every  other  day,  where  we  must  take  his  remedy  of

         What  joy  would  you  feel?    What  holy  woman  or  man  of  God  repentance… and put sin to death.  What would life be like if by
         would you sit down with for fellowship?  Their pleasures are not  God’s grace… we repented?  If empowered by the Holy Spirit…
         your  pleasures!    Their  character  is  nothing  of  your  character!  we  actually  conquered  sin?    Would  we  find  holiness?
         What they love you do not love!”  Or as Keven DeYoung said, “If  Absolutely…  Would  we  experience  new  life?  Abundantly!    As
         ungodliness is your delight here on earth, what will please you  Peter said, we would “experience times of refreshing… from the
         in heaven when all is clean, and pure?  You would not be happy  presence of the Lord.” And as Jesus promised, we would “eat of
         there… If you are not holy here.”  So do we desire holiness?   the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.”  So why wait?
                If we find ourselves lacking in holiness and in need of  Let us today “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
         the  remedy  of  repentance,  we’ve  come  to  the  right  place.    -Pastor Jason
         According to  scripture,  God’s desire is to  grant us repentance
         (Acts 11:18).  And he provided a great physician to give us the
         ingredients for repentance (Acts 5:31).  He understood we’re all
         confronted daily with the sickness of sin…  And today is a day,

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