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The fact is, men do not accept Jesus Christ, (at least in his   War  is  declared!  In  God’s  Holy  Name  let  us  arise  and
        totality),     because  they  know  in  their  hearts  that  they  would   build! ‘The God of Heaven, He will fight for us’, as we for
        therefore have to answer…they would have to undergo a radical   Him. We will not build on the sand, but on the bedrock of
        transformation  of  lifestyle!  And  they  simply  do  not  wish  to  do   the sayings of Christ, and the gates and minions of hell
        any such thing.                                           shall not prevail against us. Should such men, as we fear?
                                                                  Before  the  world,  aye,  before  the  sleepy,  lukewarm,
           “The Best training for a soldier of Christ is not merely a   faithless, namby-pamby Christian world, we will dare to
           theological  college.  They  always  seem  to  turn  out   trust our God, we will venture our all for Him, we will live
           sausages at varying lengths, tied at each end, without the   and  we  will  die  for  Him,  and  we  do  it  with  His  joy
           glorious  freedom  of  a  Christian  ought  to  abound  and   unspeakable  singing  aloud  in  our  hearts.  We  will  a
           rejoice in. You see, when in hand conflict with the world   thousand  times  sooner  die  trusting  only  our  God,  than
           and  the  devil,  neat  little  biblical  confectionary  is  like   live trusting in man. And when we come to this position
           shooting lions with a pea-shooter: one needs a man who   the  battle  is  already  won,  and  the  end  of  the  glorious
           will let himself go and deliver blows right and left as hard   campaign in sight. We will have the real Holiness of God,
           as he can hit, trusting in the Holy Ghost. Its experience,   not  the  sickly  stuff  of  talk  and  dainty  words  and  pretty
           not  preaching  that  hurts  the  devil  and  confounds  the   thoughts:  we  will  have  a  Masculine  Holiness,  one  of
           world. The training is not that of the schools but of the   daring faith and works for Jesus Christ.”  CT Studd
           market: it’s the hot, free heart and not the balanced head
           that  knocks  the  devil  out.  Nothing  but  forked-lightning
           Christians will count. A lost reputation is the best degree
           for Christ’s service. It is not so much the degree of arts
           that  is  needed,  but  that  of  hearts,  loyal  and  true,  that
           love not their lives to the death: large and loving hearts
           which seek to save the lost multitudes, rather than guard
           the ninety-nine-well-fed sheep in the British pen.
           Too long have we been waiting for one another to begin!
           The time of waiting is past! The hour of God has struck!

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