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JFB Duluth, MN


JFB Duluth

JFBelievers in Duluth MN is a young and growing fellowship which was birthed as an outreach Bible study back in 2007. Since then, the church has acquired the building on N 58th Avenue in West Duluth in 2009. They are their own entity since 2016 and continue to reach out to all who would follow Christ in this age.

Pastor Justin and Sara Thomson, Ira and Nora.
Pastor Jesse and Chelsey Moss


ADDRESS: 30 N 58th Ave W, Duluth, MN

PHONE: (218) 409-9660

JFB River Falls, WI (outreach)

river falls
river falls2

JFB River Falls

JFBelievers in River Falls is the current outreach of JFBelievers in Menomonie, WI. Our desire is to see disciples of Christ raised up in both the UWRF campus and the River Falls community. We hold Bible studies weekly and are seeking to establish a fellowship in this city by God's grace.

Jonah and Jessica Johnston
Jonah and Jessica Johnston


PHONE: 715.309.9566

Shofar Mission Center in Cebu City, Philippines

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Shofar Mission Center

Shofar is the culmination of many many years of missions teams and work from the generous members of JFBelievers. Since our first trip back in 1999, by God's Spirit we have developed a thriving youth camp, daily radio programming, a cable TV station, a college magazine, a city bible study, and we hope to establish a work in one of the many universities in Cebu. Laura and Brittany serve as full-time missionaries on the ground in Cebu. Visit the website to learn more.

Laura Hartung & Brittany Menor
Laura Hartung & Brittany Menor